"We never actually had sex which I found a little odd. I mean I’d gone down on you and you’d gone down on me but aside from 3 fingers, you’ve never actually been inside me. I wondered why that was."

Resubmission has never been so fun.

..then it was taken down and everything was as it was before, as if nothing had ever happened, as if nothing had ever been there. 

(Source: amberehlerillustration)

Things I’ve Said, Things I’ve Wanted to Say, Things I Will Never Say 


My final piece for the degree show. University has been a fucking roller coaster but I guess I wouldn’t really have it any other way. 

(This is probably the one thing I’ve produced during university that I’m wholly proud of so please don’t think to plagiarise :( . Remember to give credit where credit is due! Creativity is the one thing people have that is truly theirs and it’s sad when others feel the need to take what’s not theirs instead of support and appreciate.)

(Source: amberehlerillustration)